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Gin Foon and his Crew

Master Gin Foon Mark Smiling during a celebration ceremony. The Ancestral "Sun-Toi" altar in the background. A painting of Sifu Mark composed by a student (Ben S.) looks on.

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Shared Testimonials

Stories and memories shared by students and friends of Master Mark's...

P.W. on Apr 19th, 2022:
"The first time I met him, was either at a CNY celebration or his birthday party. He talked about Jet Li doing the lion dance in the film Once Upon a Time in China. This was funny, because Jet Li and OUAT was the reason I started thinking about wanting to study Kung Fu in the first place. How did Sifu know this? Haha"

D.M. on Apr 13th, 2022:
"The very first time I met him, he was adamant that I'd been to the school before, and that he remembered me."

L.P. on Apr 7th, 2022:
"Quando Si Tai Gung Mark stavamo nella mia Auto stavamo percorrere un Autostrada ci siamo fermati per andare in bagno rifare Gasolio distributore all'ora gli disi Sifu deve andare in bagno lui mi dice No Io avevo capito che voleva mangiare per inglese non sono bravo lo devo studiare un pochino all'ora con una tecnica che abbiamo studiato gli dissi Sifu Vuole Sic Shu Mangiare lui Si mise A ridere"

D.S. on Apr 6th, 2022:
"I remember Master Mark telling me, practice more, many times. And when he explained the 3 power strike like skipping stones."

B.B. on Apr 6th, 2022:
"I was giving Sifu an acupressure and Cranial Sacral treatment and he was adamant at teaching me how to crack his neck. He says 'oh you know easy like this.' of course in that way he says, and I had this uneasy feeling that if I screwed up a neck adjustment I would have some highly skilled Practitioners coming for me."

I.M. on Apr 6th, 2022:
"After a few month of my practice under his supervision, I approached him with my question, which bothered me for a long time. I asked: How to feel Chii? I do not feel it? He replied shortly: "later." I asked the same question with different angles after 5 years and 10 years The answer was the same: later. After 12 years I stopped asking, I just feel it."

C.W. on Apr 5th, 2022:
"Master Mark was a wise man with such a sense of humor!"

C.S. on Apr 5th, 2022:
"It was one year, we went for his birthday and someone have gotten him a hat. And I think there was a dragon on it. But he kept saying it like a really funny way like he thought it was a bunny or something. Everyone was laughing. Anyways that's the best I got."